starry_sigh's Journal

28 May 1964
Hi, despite years of this now, I still feel relatively new to LJ. I started in mid-2007.

I'm originally from Edmonton, Alberta, but I came to the U.S. as a college student and have lived in various U.S. states since then. My last move was in 2001 from the southwest Missouri Ozarks to the S.F. Bay Area. (That was a pretty big change of cultures within the same country!) Somewhen in 2009, California finally trumped Minnesota for the state I've lived in the longest. I commute from the Bay Area suburbs to teach astronomy classes in San Francisco, and I try to do research on the side. I live in a cohousing community with my husband, our 12-year-old daughter, and a girlfriend very dear to my heart.

I haven't posted much here; and the majority of my entries are not publicly available to everyone. (I've also noticed my posting rate trickling off from relatively rare to even more rare.) Many of my posts discuss personally sensitive issues, and those are filtered in various ways. I also make more purely private entries than any other kind. However, I'm generally not too shy about having people that I barely know reading some of my more personal posts. Chances are that if I at least know who you are, even if we've never interacted in person, I'll put your LJ name into at least one of the filters I use for posting. (Of course, some of my posts are really personal and only available to very close friends.)